Coarse Season News (Day Tickets) – 2016-2017

Day tickets are now availble for 2016-2017 – please click here for details

There are a couple of changes that day ticket anglers need to be aware of for the 2016-2017 coarse season…

Day tickets at Mill Farm (a.k.a Brown’s).
Following a change in the farm’s ownership, day tickets are NO LONGER available at the farm and will NOT be sold on the bank.
Day tickets for Mill Farm are now sold by Ouse Angling Preservation Society ONLY as part of our day ticket fishery at various points between the Barcombe Mills Sluice gates and the Anchor Inn farm bridge.
Day tickets must be bought before starting fishing and are only available from our outlets, Permit Secretary or Head Bailiff – click here.
Signs have been installed at all access points to the Mill Farm Fishery to remind any day ticket anglers of the changes.
Please Note: There is NO parking allowed at Mill Farm itself. Rebuilding of the house there is ongoing with the accompanying movement of plant around the site. In order to avoid parked cars being damaged or impeding plant in the area, parking is not allowed there.

For more details – click here.

Bevern Stream day ticket fishing is no longer available.
The Society has, reluctantly, given up the fishing on the Bevern Stream downstream from the old railway bridge to the stream’s mouth, plus the fishing in the first fields on the west bank of the main river upstream and downstream of it.
The landowner has installed electric fences close to the edges of the river banks here to protect the horses that are housed there from getting into the river. This has made access to the river in the area extremely difficult so, for health and safety reasons,  we have given up the fishing.

Both of these changes are shown on this year’s day ticket map.

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