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2018-2019 Winter Permits

The Society’s Winter Permits are now available from all of our outlets at a cost of £50.00.

These permits cover the period from 1st November until the following 30th April and include the waters that we share with Copthorne & District AS (CDAS), including their stillwaters at Piltdown Pond near Newick and Rowfant between Copthorne and Turners Hill near Gatwick.

The closed season for river coarse fishing, starting on 15th March 2019, applies to holders of all of our winter permits, but fishing continues on CDAS stillwaters until 30th April.

Click here for details of where to purchase your permit.

Sea Trout Fishery – Re-Opened.

Sea Trout Fishery – Re-opened

Update: 10 August 2018  Following the recent improvement in weather conditions and current medium term (10 day) weather forecasts showing a continuation of current weather patterns and temperatures the Society is pleased to announce that our Sea Trout fishery will be re-opened from Saturday 11 August.

We hope that the remainder of the season finds the river in better condition than it has been for the last few weeks but should prolonged hot and dry weather return and cause sea trout to suffer, the fishery closure could be reinstated.


 Update: 31 July 2018   The recent change in weather has provided a little relief but weather forecasts continue to predict higher temperatures and negligible rainfall.

There are dead and dying sea trout in parts of the Society’s fishery and we believe it would be premature to put additional pressure on any that are still present by reopening the fishery now.

We are continuing to monitor the situation and will reopen stretches when we feel that conditions have improved to the point where our sea trout are at a much reduced risk of stress and damage.


It is with regret that Ouse Angling Preservation Society has decided to close its sea trout fishery until further notice.

The prolonged sunshine and high temperatures we’ve been experiencing have caused a marked, and continuing, deterioration in conditions along the length of our fishery. There has been continued abstraction and a significant drop in flow and oxygen levels – today the river is is green from a bloom in algae which will cause further distress to the fish that have already moved in from the estuary

The Society is continuing to monitor the state of the river and will re-open the fishery to sea trout fishing once there is a significant improvement in weather and water conditions. The medium term weather predictions do not show any appreciable change in the near future so it would be best to assume that the sea trout fishery could remain closed until at least the end of July. Updates on river conditions will be put on our website and news of any significant changes will also be sent via email.

We will be considering the impact of the loss of this amenity once conditions are back to normal.

Thank you for your patience and lets hope this weather pattern breaks sooner rather than later.

2018-2019 Season

2018-2019 Season

OAPS anglers will be aware that waters we control on the non-tidal river at Barcombe Mills are used from time to time by local companies that advertise commercial canoe trips on the river and also by so-called “wildswimmers”.<(/p>

The Society advises anglers to avoid any sort of confrontation, including swearing, with these groups. The Society would appreciate any photographic or video evidence anglers can collect of either of these groups interfering with their enjoyment of the river.


Permit Holder News – 2018-2019

Annual Fishing permits are now available for 2018-2019 – click here for details

Old Mill Farm (a.k.a Brown’s).
Ouse Angling Preservation Society Sea Trout, Coarse and Winter permits no longer give access to any of the fishing on Old Mill Farm land.

Bevern Stream remains unavailable for fishing in 2018/2019.
The Bevern Stream remains closed for the 2018/2019 season to all Ouse Angling Preservation Society anglers whilst further work is carried out to assess any ongoing damage to the fishery caused by the Plumpton Mill Stream pollution during the winter of 2016-2017.

Car parking for fishing near the Anchor Inn.
At the time of writing there is NO car parking available at or near the Anchor Inn. Parking is only available at Barcombe Mills in either the Society’s car park or the public car park, with access shown in your information pack. Please check back here regularly for any changes to these arrangements.

Guest ticket clarification.
Guest tickets do not allow permit holders to take their guest to any of the Copthorne and District A.S. stillwaters, including Piltdown Pond.


Coarse Season News (Day Tickets) – 2018-2019

Day tickets are now available for 2018-2019 – click here for details

Changes that day ticket anglers need to be aware of for the 2018-2019 coarse season…

Old Mill Farm (a.k.a Brown’s).
Ouse Angling Preservation Society day tickets no longer give access to any of the fishing on Old Mill Farm land.

Car parking for fishing near the Anchor Inn.
At the time of writing there is NO car parking available at or near the Anchor Inn. Parking is only available in the public car park at Barcombe Mills, with access shown on your day ticket. Please check back here regularly for any changes to these arrangements.

Ifield Lake (CDAS)

Ifield Lake (CDAS)

The 2018-2019 OAPS Information Pack contains an error in the section about CDAS waters available to OAPS permit holders.

Ifield Lake is no longer a CDAS water, contrary to what the current Information Packs says, and is unavailable to OAPS permit holders.


2018-2019 Sea Trout Permits

Our allocation of 2018-2019 Sea Trout permits has now been exhausted and a waiting list for 2019-2020 Sea Trout permits opened.

If you would like to be added to the waiting list for next year’s permit please contact the Permit Secretary. You will be contacted around the end of January 2019 and invited to submit an application.

Please remember that Annual Sea Trout Permits are ONLY available from the Society’s Permit Secretary. Please email (click on the ‘Contact Us’ link at the bottom left of any page) or telephone (07899 245680 – mobile).


WARNING – Vehicle Break-ins at Barcombe Mills

There have been break-ins to two anglers’ vehicles at Barcombe Mills in the last couple of weeks. On both occasions there was fishing tackle visible in the vehicles and entry was gained by breaking the front passenger windows.

Please ensure that, when leaving your car in any public area for any length of time, there is nothing left on show that will advertise that it is an angler’s car and could contain fishing tackle.

We would like to remind all anglers to be vigilant when in and around car parking areas and to make a note of details, car registration numbers etc. if you see anything suspicious and to contact the police if you witness any such crimes being carried out.

For reasons of personal safety the Society advises very strongly against confrontation in such circumstances.

UPDATE (05 February 2018): Another break-in has occurred to an angler’s vehicle in the public car park so please continue to be vigilant and take care to keep as much of your car’s contents as possible out of sight. Also try to use the Society’s car park whenever possible as it is less obvious from the road bridge although still vulnerable to a determined thief (we understand that this is not always practical during wetter periods.)


Car Parking on the OAPS Fishery

Permit and Day ticket anglers wishing to fish the river in the vicinity of the Anchor Inn are probably aware that, over recent months, there have been “difficulties” in accessing the ONLY designated anglers’ parking for this part of the river, in the field on the left hand side of the road just before the Anchor Inn.

At the present time our anglers cannot rely on this parking being available. Unfortunately, this means that the nearest viable ‘official’ parking for this part of the river is in the Society’s car park at Barcombe Mills with access to the Anchor Inn stretch of river via the Ouse Valley Way footpath. If the Society’s car park is inaccessible during wet weather please use the public car park.

Further information will be shown here as and when it becomes available.