WARNING – Vehicle Break-ins at Barcombe Mills

There have been break-ins to two anglers’ vehicles at Barcombe Mills in the last couple of weeks. On both occasions there was fishing tackle visible in the vehicles and entry was gained by breaking the front passenger windows.

Please ensure that, when leaving your car in any public area for any length of time, there is nothing left on show that will advertise that it is an angler’s car and could contain fishing tackle.

We would like to remind all anglers to be vigilant when in and around car parking areas and to make a note of details, car registration numbers etc. if you see anything suspicious and to contact the police if you witness any such crimes being carried out.

For reasons of personal safety the Society advises very strongly against confrontation in such circumstances.

UPDATE (05 February 2018): Another break-in has occurred to an angler’s vehicle in the public car park so please continue to be vigilant and take care to keep as much of your car’s contents as possible out of sight. Also try to use the Society’s car park whenever possible as it is less obvious from the road bridge although still vulnerable to a determined thief (we understand that this is not always practical during wetter periods.)