ALL Permit Holder News – 2020-2021

Bevern Stream remains unavailable for fishing.
The Bevern Stream remains closed for the 2020/2021 season to all Ouse Angling Preservation Society permit holders while work continues on assessing the ongoing damage to the fishery caused by the Plumpton Mill Stream pollution during the winter of 2016-2017.


Car parking on the OAPS fishery
Permit holders wishing to fish the river in the vicinity of the Anchor Inn are probably aware that there were “difficulties” last season in accessing the ONLY designated anglers’ parking for this part of the river, in the field on the left hand side of the road just before the Anchor Inn.
At the present time permit holders cannot rely on this parking being available. Unfortunately, this means that the nearest viable ‘official’ parking for this part of the river is in the Society’s car park at Barcombe Mills with access to the Anchor Inn stretch of river via…

a) the farm track that takes you to the Old Mill Farm site where it joins the Ouse Valley Way footpath – this is a ‘Restricted Byway’ that forms part of the end of a footpath that crosses the old railway bed to the north, or
b) the Ouse Valley Way footpath alongside the river that you join next to the hump-back bridge near the Pool

Further information will be shown here as and when it becomes available.


Guest ticket clarification.
Guest tickets do not allow permit holders to take their guest to any of the Copthorne and District A.S. stillwaters, including Piltdown Pond.


Canoeing and Swimming on Our Fishery
OAPS anglers will be aware that waters we control on the non-tidal river at Barcombe Mills are used from time to time by local companies that advertise commercial canoe trips on the river, individual ‘paddlers’ and also by so-called “wildswimmers”.
The Society advises anglers to avoid any sort of confrontation, including swearing, with these groups. The Society would appreciate any photographic or video evidence anglers can collect of either of these groups interfering with their enjoyment of the river.

2020 Sea Trout Season

2020 Sea Trout Season

Changes to OAPS Bank Transfer Details

Ouse Angling Preservation Society has recently changed banks and the details for making Bank Transfer payments are still being set up.

Any Sea Trout anglers wanting to pay for this year’s permit via BACS bank transfer should contact David Pennington (see below).

Please contact David Pennington our Permit Secretary either by email (see bottom left – ‘Contact Us’)  or telephone on 07899 245680 if you want to make a bank transfer payment

Jim Smith.

Jim (The Fish) Smith – 31.07.1944 to 27.12 2019

It is with great sadness that we have to report the passing of this, one of the Society’s great and much loved characters who, for over 60 years poured his heart and soul into the society and river interests – to the extent that many years ago the committee, being concerned about labour laws, decided he must have one day a week off and a set holiday! This was only achieved after much persuasion and heaving up of his trousers!

In addition to his role with the society, Jim put an equal amount of enthusiasm into his work with the Ouse and Adur Rivers Trust and the local parish council, together with interests in the Trout and Salmon Association and other rural organisations.

Jim learned his trade from the previous bailiff, Mac, with whom he spent much time as a boy, and, as we all know, he went on to accumulate a vast knowledge of the Ouse, its catchment and nature generally, with an enthusiasm which, over the many years, never diminished.

Jim will be sadly missed but well remembered by all who knew him.