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Coarse Fishing

Ouse Angling Preservation Society offers coarse fishing on most of the Sussex Ouse downstream of the Anchor Inn (north of Barcombe Mills) as far as the downstream end of the Hamsey Cut about a mile and a half north of Lewes, a distance of approximately six miles. ​There is, in addition, fishing on the Bevern Stream from the old railway bridge north of Barcombe Mills upstream to Clappers Bridge at Barcombe Cross.

​The fishing is mainly single bank with the river being tidal as far upstream as Barcombe Mills.


The area inside the circle of roads comprising the main Barcombe Mills Road where the road bridge is and the Old Toll Road which overlooks the Mill Pool is only available to coarse annual and winter permit holders from 1st November to 14th March.

​The river contains all of the main coarse species found in the United Kingdom with specimen fish of most species, including carp, pike and the occasional barbel. 

​Large shoals of bream are present in the river, as well as roach, rudd, chub, perch, tench, dace and eels - specimen size examples of most of these fish are caught from time to time. Finally... We also see grass carp, koi carp and other ‘non-native’ fish caught occasionally.


Grey mullet are usually resident in the river each summer and can be found anywhere on our tidal fishery. The river is also used for spawning by a number of sea fish such as sea lamprey, shad and flounder.

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