NEWS – Pike Fly-Fishing Event, November 2017

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPike Fly-Fishing Event 2017

There is a Pike Fly-Fishing event taking place on the fishery on Saturday 11th November 2017. From 09:00 to sunset there will be up to 20 anglers on the river fly-fishing for pike.

The river remains open while the event takes place but anyone fishing that day will notice the extra anglers present.


Sussex Ouse Barcombe Mills Pikes Lock Snow

2017-2018 Winter Permits

The Society’s Winter Permits are now available from all of our outlets at a cost of £46.00.

These permits cover the period from 1st November until the following 30th April and include the waters that we share with Copthorne & District AS (CDAS), including their stillwaters at Piltdown Pond near Newick and Rowfant between Copthorne and Turners Hill near Gatwick.

The closed season for river coarse fishing, starting on 15th March 2017, applies to holders of all of our winter permits, but fishing continues on CDAS stillwaters until 30th April.

Click here for details of where to purchase your permit.


MAIN FISHERY RE-OPENED (Details below – please read)

The fishery is now clear of the blue green algae except for one small area…

The end of the Andrews Cut, the small still water area past the top (to the east) of the Andrews weir, still has blue green algae present and remains unavailable for fishing for the time being.

A further announcement will be made here once this part of the fishery re-opens.


Hot Weather and Low Water Levels.

The recent (and possibly continuing) hot weather and low summer water levels we have experienced this year can lead to an increased risk of water-borne infection for all river users.

All anglers should make sure they are familiar with the Society’s online Health and Safety advice, which has just been updated, (CLICK HEREto help them reduce their risk through the rest of the year.


Coarse Season News (Day Tickets) – 2017-2018

Day tickets are now availble for 2017-2018 – please click here for details

There are a couple of changes that day ticket anglers need to be aware of for the 2017-2018 coarse season…

Day tickets at Old Mill Farm (a.k.a Brown’s).
Day tickets for Old Mill Farm are now sold by Ouse Angling Preservation Society ONLY as part of our day ticket fishery at various points between the Barcombe Mills Sluice gates and the Anchor Inn farm bridge.

Day tickets issued from 1st November 2017 onwards will not allow access to fishing at Old Mill Farm (‘Browns’) due to restrictions on this year’s fishing lease.

Day tickets must be bought before starting fishing and are only available from our outlets, Permit Secretary or Head Bailiff – click here.

Signs have been installed at all access points to the Mill Farm Fishery to remind any day ticket anglers of the changes.

Please Note: There is NO parking allowed at Mill Farm itself. Rebuilding of the house there is ongoing with the accompanying movement of plant around the site. In order to avoid parked cars being damaged or impeding plant in the area, parking is not allowed there.

For more details – click here.

Bevern Stream day ticket fishing is no longer available.
The Society has, reluctantly, given up the fishing on the Bevern Stream downstream from the old railway bridge to the stream’s mouth, plus the fishing in the first fields on the west bank of the main river upstream and downstream of it.
The landowner has installed electric fences close to the edges of the river banks here to protect the horses that are housed there from getting into the river. This has made access to the river in the area extremely difficult so, for health and safety reasons,  we have given up the fishing.

Both of these changes are shown on the current day ticket map.


Coarse Season News (Permit Holders) – 2017-2018Float2

Old Mill Farm (a.k.a Brown’s).

The terms of our fishing licence from the new owner of the river bank originally known as “Browns” was agreed last year for 12 months.

Anglers will have noticed the construction of a new house during last year. That house is due for completion towards the end of 2017 and the current owner has agreed to extend the fishing lease for a further 6 months until the 1st November 2017, around the time the house should be completed.

The Society has installed signs at all access points to the Mill Farm Fishery.

Please Note: There is NO parking allowed at Mill Farm itself. Rebuilding of the house there is ongoing with the accompanying movement of plant around the site. In order to avoid parked cars being damaged or impeding plant in the area, parking is not allowed there.

For more details – click here.

Bevern Stream will be unavailable for fishing in 2017/2018.

For the 2017/2018 season, the Bevern Stream will be closed to all Ouse Angling Preservation Society anglers.

This action has been taken with extreme reluctance following the pollution incident in late 2016 in the Plumpton Mill Stream, which is a tributary of the Bevern Stream, that has seriously affected the stocks of mature fish and fry.

This decision is taken in the knowledge that the Bevern Stream is a known spawning area for most coarse fish and a significant route and spawning area for migrating sea trout

Checks will be carried out during the 2017/2018 season to assess the balance of the habitat as it recovers from the pollution and also assess numbers of fish and fry.

Guest ticket clarification.

Guest tickets do not allow permit holders to take their guest to any of the Copthorne and District A.S. stillwaters, including Piltdown Pond.


Annual Coarse Permits for 2017-2018

2017-2018 Coarse Fishing Annual are now available – Click here for details of prices and outlets.

Coarse Fishing Guest Permits, for use starting 16th June, are also on sale.

Please note that Coarse Fishing Guest Permits do not allow permit holders to take guests onto Copthorne & District stillwaters


2017-2018 Sea Trout Permit Allocation

A small number of Sea Trout permits are still available for 2017-2018 so if you would like to spend this season targeting some Sussex Sea Trout now is the time to apply for a permit before the allocation is exhausted.

There is, alternatively, a waiting list for 2018 Sea Trout permits. Contact the Permit Secretary to add your name to the list and you will be contacted around the end of January and invited to submit an application for 2018.

Please remember that Annual Sea Trout Permits are ONLY available from the Society’s Permit Secretary. Please email (click on the ‘Contact Us’ link at the bottom left of any page), telephone (07899 245680 – mobile).


URGENT – Pollution

Plumpton Mill Stream and the Bevern Stream.

Many of our anglers will be aware of the recent devastating pollution of the Plumpton Mill Stream and the Bevern Stream – OART Report – Click Here

The main river is now starting to feel the effect of the pollution and the Environment Agency (EA) has asked that we keep a watch on the main river and report any sightings of casualties. Any such casualties should be reported immediately to the EA hotline (0800 807060) with details of the date observed, location, types of fish, approximate numbers and size.

Your help at this time is greatly appreciated…  Thank you.