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Sea Trout Fishing


Ouse Angling Preservation Society offers sea trout fishing on most of the Sussex Ouse downstream of the Anchor Inn (north of Barcombe Mills) as far as the bottom end of the Hamsey Cut about a mile and a half north of Lewes, a distance of approximately six miles.

The fishing is mainly single bank with the river being tidal as far upstream as Barcombe Mills.

​The area inside the circle of roads comprising the main Barcombe Mills road where the road bridge is and the Old Toll road, which overlooks the mill pool, is reserved for Sea Trout fishing ONLY from 1st May to 31st October.


​A ‘pool’ permit is required to fish during this period and these are only available to sea trout permit holders.


​Continuing research into the sea trout from our river shows that they have a high average weight, possibly the highest of any river in England or Wales. The weight of most of the fish caught reflects this and it's an unusual season that doesn’t give up double figure fish to 13lb+.

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