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Fishing on the main river above the main mill pool from the sluice gate as far as the fence just past the footbridge on the southern bank of Andrew’s Cut, then the remainder of the south bank of the Cut to Andrew’s weir and from the weir downstream on Andrew’s Stream as far as Pike’s bridge.





North of Barcombe Mills

Upstream of the river's tidal limit

Non-tidal start.jpg


The Society has a car park at Barcombe Mills shown on the information pack supplied with your permit and accessible through a combination padlocked gate – combination shown on your permit.

A current car parking sticker must be displayed on parked vehicles at all times.

Parking is also available in the public car park near Pike’s Bridge.

Please note: Access to the sluice gates just above the main mill pool is required by the Environment Agency at all times. Anglers should not park in this area.

Downstream from the Anchor Inn…

Approximately a quarter of a mile of single bank fishing on the east bank of the first field downstream from the Anchor farm bridge to its boundary almost opposite the Old Oil Mills.

Anchor Bridge.jpg
Anchor Sluice.jpg

Please note: Whilst it is tempting to use the sluice gates to cross the river here, the Environment Agency has requested that anglers keep off this potentially dangerous structure. To access the east bank please use ONLY the Anchor farm bridge to cross the river.

Permit holders wishing to fish the river in the vicinity of the Anchor Inn are requested to use the new society car park approx 50m up from the disused railway on the left if you are facing Barcombe village. Location detailed on the map below.


Please do not use the parking belonging to the pub.

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