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Sea Trout Permits

If you are interested in buying an annual sea trout permit, or joining our waiting list if they have sold out, please email (see bottom of the page), telephone 07899 245680 or write with your details, including your home address, to the OAPS Permit Secretary Dave Hinton at 100 Osborne Road, Brighton BN1 6LU.

​For applicants who do not hold a current annual sea trout permit the Society adds an administration fee to the permit prices shown on the permit prices page. This administration fee applies ONLY where a current annual sea trout permit is not held.

Sea trout guest permits are available to sea trout permit holders. Please check the permit prices page for prices and other information.

Sea Trout Pool Permits:

The Society is now accepting bookings for Pool permits from any current annual sea trout permit holders. 

  • Pool permit prices can be found on the permit prices page. ​

  • Pool permits allow for 24 hour fishing from midnight to midnight on the date booked and will be issued for a maximum of two rods per day.

​To make a reservation check the ‘Pool Permit Availability’ page to confirm that your preferred date(s) is/are still available, then either email, or phone 07899 245680.

​Once your reservation has been confirmed the appropriate fee should be sent to the OAPS Permit Secretary at 100 Osborne Road, Brighton, BN1 6LU.

Please note that Pool Permits will be issued on a ‘first come, first served basis’ and reservations held for a maximum of 5 days to allow time for payment to be received.

To be sure of getting the date(s) you want please make your reservation as early as possible.

It may be possible to arrange Pool Permit(s) at short notice but please contact the Permit Secretary as soon as possible for details.

PLEASE NOTE: It is no longer possible to guarantee that bookings can be made the day before permits are required.

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