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Sussex Ouse at Sheffield Park

Ouse Angling Preservation Society shares a stretch of the Sussex Ouse at Sheffield Park with the Haywards Heath and District Angling Society (HHDAS).

The Fishing...

The right hand (west) bank of the river downstream from Sheffield Park road bridge on the A275 for approximately one mile indicated by the dotted line shown on the map opposite.


From North Chailey where the A275 and A272 meet, take the A275 north towards Sheffield Park, approximately two miles away.

About 100yds before you reach the turning on the left into Sheffield Park Railway Station (The Bluebell Line) to the south (Chailey) side of Sheffield Park Bridge you will see a gate into the field on the right hand side of the road.

Sheffield Park (HHDAS).jpg

Parking is through this padlocked gate (the combination is in your information pack) then through the gate immediately to the left and leave your car alongside the hedge. Access is across the field to the river with fishing downstream as far as the signposted boundary.


All of the Society’s rules apply here, particularly the rule banning the lighting of fires.


For more details on this fishery

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