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Barcombe Mills (the mill pool & surrounding streams)

This part of the fishery consists of the river and streams surrounded by the circuit of roads made up of the main Barcombe Mills road (which crosses the river downstream of the confluence of the various streams that the river 

Misty Morning Pool.jpg

splits into at the downstream end of the non-tidal river) and The Old Toll Road to the north – this road marked by ‘No Entry’ signs at either end.

All of this part of the river is reserved for sea trout fishing only from 1st May to 31st October inclusive and can only be fished by annual sea trout permit holders who are in possession of a pool permit, valid for the day they are fishing.

The rule relating to fishing in this area will be strictly enforced, so please ensure you are in possession of a valid pool permit before fishing.


Pool permits must be booked in advance and are NOT available on the bank.

Once the Sea Trout fishing season has finished these waters are available for coarse fishing so, from 1st November to 14th March inclusive, this area can be fished by annual and winter coarse permit holders only, at no extra charge.


Permission for this access may be withdrawn on a temporary basis if high numbers of sea trout are observed in the pool awaiting suitable conditions to run upstream.

Below Pool.jpg

The House stream, between the point where it joins the main river and the Old Toll Bridge at Barcombe Mills, can sometimes experience extended periods of low water during the season causing the sea trout that gather there to become badly stressed. 

When these water levels and conditions, which are monitored very closely by the Society, occur expect fishing to be stopped temporarily on the House stream.

The Society has a car park at Barcombe Mills, shown on the information pack supplied with your permit. 

A current car parking sticker must be displayed on parked vehicles at all times.


Parking is also available in the public car park near Pike’s Bridge.

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