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Spinning / lure fishing rules

After several reports from the bailiffs and concerned friends of OAPS it seems that the rules on lure fishing need restating. These rules are in place to protect our predatory species, during the hot summer months low oxygen levels can leave these species distressed after being caught. In some instances the fish don't recover and fatalities occur.

  • Unless you are in possession of a valid annual sea trout licence and permit or you are a guest of a sea trout permit holder there is no spinning or lure fishing allowed on any OAPS water until the 1st October.

  • If you are fishing on a day ticket above Barcombe Mills there is no spinning or lure fishing until 1st November

  • Between 1st October and 1st November (the end of the sea trout season) Lure fishing / fly fishing for pike is allowed on an annual coarse permit. To avoid the accidental capture of sea trout any lure must be greater than 12.5 cm in length. This measurement is on the back of your coarse permit. Please check it.

  • After 1st of November all lure fishing including small lures for perch / chub etc is allowed on both a day ticket and annual permit.

  • All lures must have barbless hooks. If your lure comes with barbed hooks these can be squashed down with a pair of pliers to render the lure barbless.

Bailiffs and other committee members will be checking all of the above on the bankside as the summer progresses. Please insure you follow the rules above. They are for the good of our fish. We would also ask all permit holders to politely enquire and point out these rules if they see them being broken.

After consultation with several senior permit holders and friends of the society who do fish for sea trout the committee are recommending the use of single hook spinners. On a personal note from your permit secretary, I have made the switch. I have not seen any reduction in capture rate on hooking. The benefit to sea trout is obvious. Also as someone who is primarily a coarse fisherman, small chub and perch are attracted to small sea trout spinners. On occassions they have a tendancy to engulf a treble making it almost impossible to unhook the fish without damage. A single hook spinner negates this. To be clear. This is not a rule, but a recommendation.

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